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With the Waves of a River

With the Waves of a River is a collaborative project between me and a choreographer in Middlesex University. It is a dancing piece depicting the lives of the disabled.


A series of art pioneers inspired me. I appreciated their way of creating dynamics using fabric-like materials.

Inspiration and Development

I sketched different ways of using the fabrics in a dancing piece. We then decided to hang fabrics from the ceiling according to the effects we wanted.

After carefully discussed what we wanted to talk, we decided to depict the real-life experiences of the choreographer's three roommates, who suffered from disabilities.

I tested different fabrics to see what works best with our piece.

Set Design and Model

The final design decision was to have a black box studio where audiences can stand around and watch intimately.

Dancers wore nude bodysuit to maximise the exposure of their body.

They danced within cocoons made by semi-transparent gauze, stretched the fabrics to their most to show their struggles.

The Final Show

The final show was extremely beautiful. Many people expressed that they were touched watching dancers struggling alongside interview records from the roommates.

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