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Twelfth Dinner

Based on William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, this groupwork built a fantasy world in where Olivia had dinner with her suitors.


When I looked into some historical details of Elizabethan era I was fascinated by the structure of mourning gowns. I think a mourning gown would be a good symbol showing Olivia's grief.

Strict Jacket is another inspiring item attracted me as it brings in funny and crazy vibes at the same time.

I also was inspired by those shows in which sets and costumes were creatively combined.

Inspiration and Development

I made some sketches and collages to see if a mourning gown could be both employed as Olivia's costume and a part of the set.

The first idea of having her lower gown as a tent was modified into having it as a dinner table cloth.


I made this collage storyboard to show the story and lighting design.

Photo and Others

During the making process, my duty is to make paper mache fruits for the dinner table, program the sounds and operate it.

It was a successful show and we all learnt a lot from it.

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