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Twelfth Night

Written by William Shakespeare in 1602, Twelfth Night was a romantic comedy centred on the twins Viola and Sebastian, and their strange love encounters.


Twelfth Night is such an amusing comedy, so I wanted to design it with fun. I researched different games to find inspirations for my stage to make it playground-like.


Real human-sized chess game interested me. Also, I found it very suitable to depict the dynamic of the two houses in the script.

Inspiration and Development

After trying in different ways to adapt the concept into a stage, I decided to have my sets printed on semi-translucent screens. All those screens can move freely through the rails hiding under the floor.

LED screens were set on the floor so the floor patterns could be changed. This design was later used to emphasise the dynamic.


Based on Elizabethan outfits, each house had different colours. Olivia’s House wore generally gold and black colours outfits, while Duke Orsino’s House wore silver and blue.


Screens are manipulated by the characters, mostly by servant characters, according to the scenes.

Technical Drawing and Sample

Technical drawings and some samples were made to show what it will look like in the real performance.

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