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The Road Not Taken

The Road Not Taken is a collaborative Site-Specific project designed by me and my friend. Based on Shoreditch Town Hall, London, we conveyed two different immigrant stories in a 40-minute show.


We were asked to design the speculative performance based on either the Island by Armin Greder or the Arrival by Shaun Tan. After careful considerations, we decided to combine the stories to make our show.

Also, we got inspirations from real historical events, like WW2 or Gold Rush.

Inspiration and Development

To tell two different stories at the same time, we tried different ways. In the end, we separated our audience into two groups. Group A is going upstairs to enjoy an immigrant-welcomed community while Group B is going down into the ditch where immigrants are discriminated.


I made storyboard for Group B. Inspired by the story of the Island and other events, I depicted a miserable immigrant life.


Group B (The Island Group) followed a long route include twelve stops.


While locals are wearing ordinary outfits, immigrants wear more worn items with patterned lining indicating their ethnic regions.


The ticket and the poster were made to give a better idea of the show.

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